Ground Handling

By leveraging 30 years of accumulated experience and know-how in cargo ground handling service


We are one of the main grounds handling service provider in Georgia.  We are positioned to provide a wide range of cargo handling services  that cover all the items of Annex A in the IATA’s Standard Ground Handling Agreement.


High qualified personnel whose range of expertise covers smart physical handling in ramp and flawless documentation in load controls, manifesting and irregularity tracing.


We own at airport side: catering, fuel, maintenance and handling facilities.

Other Services

  • Charter and ACMI

    We offer a customized service that fully meets the needs of the customer and at the same time gives the freedom to determine the routes and schedule according to the

  • Flight operation service

    With 30 year of experience in air charter market and brand new policy, we work with clients and experienced carriers to provide time-critical air cargo delivery. We arrange all types