Quality Policy

Quality System is approved by the undersigned and must be complied with, as applicable, in order to ensure safe operations and airworthiness of the GEORGIAN AIRLINES fleet of aircraft at all times, in continuous compliance with Georgian regulations and other standards required by Georgian Airlines.

The quality manual is the official document stating the quality policy and describing the quality system of the organization in order to achieve compliance with the requirements stipulated by EU-965 and to take account of national/international standards as published by ISO 9001-series.

Quality Assurance System of the air company has established process that ensures that significant issues arising from audits of cargo, as well as from audits of other operational areas are subject to regular reviews by senior management of the company and cargo operations organization. A corporate quality assurance program is applied to cargo operations as well as to all operational areas of the company. As part of “Georgian Airlines” cargo operations is subcontracted to Cargo Service Providers, such as “Georgian Post”, Georgian Airlines Quality Control System additionally provides quality assurance of subcontracted services.