Safety policy

Safety is one of our core business functions. We are committed to developing, implementing, maintaining and constantly improving strategies and processes to ensure that all our aviation activities take place under an appropriate allocation of organizational resources, aimed at achieving the highest level of safety performance and meeting regulatory requirements, while delivering our services.

All levels of management and all employees are accountable for the delivery of highest level of safety performance, starting with the Accountable Manager.

Georgian Airlines establishes safety goals and it tries to achieve predetermined level of safety, what is the role of „safety objectives” in whole system and on which determinant or indicator it is depended on.

Main purpose of Safety Management System is to prevent any kind of aviation accident and incidents by means of timely discovering of negative factors, which influence on the aviation safety, and to eliminate these factors.

This system is used throughout Georgian Airlines LLC to ensure existing and potential hazards to aircrafts operations are identified, analyzed and eliminated.