Georgian Airlines LLC is a leader in Georgia’s air freight market

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According to the data of March 2022, the leader in the flights performed on the Georgian air freight market is the Georgian Airlines,
which has just entered the market.


The airline, which started operating in the second half of February, managed to do so much, ranking second in the TOP-5 cargo rankings in the first quarter, and first in March.
According to information requested by AviaNews from the Civil Aviation Agency of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, the airline performed 64 flights in March, handling 150.6 tons of cargo.
In February, Georgian Airlines performed 15 flights, thus the airline performed a total of 76 flights, carrying 161,123 tons of cargo.
Irakli Mezvrishvili, Managing Director of Georgian Airlines, told AviaNews that in March, the airline transported cargo mainly from Istanbul. In addition, cargo flights were operated to the United Arab Emirates, India and Kazakhstan.
“Georgian Airlines has just been added to the air freight market and I think we have a very successful start. However, this success is the merit of the whole team, which is really working 24/7 to find new partners and carry more cargo. Several Georgian cargo airlines operate in the Georgian air market today and therefore the competition is high. Demand for good shipments in international markets is growing and this is also working in our favor. It is also important that our team is actively working on obtaining European authorization -TCO – “, – said Irakli Mezvrishvili.
As it is known, Georgian Airlines (“Georgian Airlines”) currently owns two aircraft (Boeing 737-86N and Boeing 737-8SF). The airline became the holder of the air transportation certificate on February 4. Meanwhile, the airline is working intensively on expanding its fleet and is currently in talks to add the B767-300.

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